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With God All Things Are Possible

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The Counterintuitive and Controversial New Book REDEEM CALIFORNIA: WITH GOD ALL THINGS ARE POSSIBLE by Kathy J. Looper is Releasing February 7.

While many people believe California is beyond saving, an inspirational, life-changing and explosive new book by Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist Kathy J. Looper—REDEEM CALIFORNIA: WITH GOD ALL THINGS ARE POSSIBLE (Post Hill Press)—is releasing February 7, presenting compelling evidence that not only is the Golden State not beyond God’s help, but California is poised for revival. The level of darkness hovering over California is no match for the light that exists within the hearts and lives of believers in the state. California’s evangelical population is larger than the population of 38 states, but less than 25 percent vote. What would happen if these believers became unified to change the culture, believed their voice made a difference because God was on their side, and voted and ran for office?

Tulare County, California — In the heart of Central California, Kathy J. Looper, LMFT, has worked with people from all backgrounds and ages over the last decade to help them deal with life-crushing issues. During that time, the spiritual climate grew darker, and she sought God: where is the Church and why aren’t Christians having a voice to bring light into the darkness?

“As I witnessed the troubling things happening in our families with our children and the suicide rate increasing, I knew that this was not what the Lord wanted for anyone, but particularly for His people,” Looper explains. “A righteous indignation rose within me, and I began to sense what David must have felt when he faced the Philistine giant Goliath who defied the Holy God of Israel. A holy fight stirred in me. I could not sit quietly while those who screamed the loudest took territory with so few voices speaking up for truth. It was time to stand on the Word of God, to believe God, take Him at His word and address the Goliath that was coming against the very fabric of our humanity.”

Out of that stirring came a calling: Redeem California—a ministry and a powerful new book.

“Redeem California was not my idea, which is why I believe in its mission! If it were my idea, there would be room for error, fear and doubt,” she says. “I believe it was the Lord’s idea and since receiving the message, I have gone to the Lord several times for confirmation. Like all the other times God has called me to build a business or ministry, He has downloaded the blueprint and my job was to trust Him and execute what He gave me. That is what happened with Redeem California, and why I believe this is God’s design to redeem our great state from the darkness that is trying to silence the voice of truth.”

The ministry is already making an impact through its mission, vision and social media presence.

“We are driven to restore California to a God-fearing and God-honoring state by uniting and organizing the body of Christ throughout the state,” she says. Post Hill Press, an independent publishing house distributed by Simon & Schuster that focuses on publishing “conservative politics” and Christian titles, is releasing the book on Amazon on February 7.

REDEEM CALIFORNIA: WITH GOD ALL THINGS ARE POSSIBLE shines a spotlight on the rich, godly heritage of California, the spiritual revivals of the Holy Ghost that were birthed in the last century—the Azusa Street Revival that ignited in Los Angeles in 1906 followed by the Jesus People Movement in the late 1960s and 1970s that collectively brought hundreds of millions of people to faith in Christ worldwide.

“As California goes, so goes the nation. We can all see what is going on in the world, but California in particular, has now become the sanctuary state for so much ungodly, unnatural, and immoral laws and policies that is setting the stage for the rest of the country to follow,” Looper says. “The anti-God agenda is clear. So far, the attack against God has been effective because Christians have stayed silent, or worse, lost their ability to trust that God was still in charge. That’s why abortion is protected, and churches and businesses are attacked. The Church has become discouraged and defeated, even wondering if there is hope for us or the country. But California is not beyond God’s reach! A hunger for God to move in our state is growing in the hearts of believers and it’s only a matter of time before it breaks out.”

California’s Evangelical Population is Larger than 38 States

California’s evangelical population is larger than the population of 38 states. One in five adults in the state—or 8 million people—are evangelical Christians, and that is not even counting other denominations, according to the Pew Research Center. Additionally, there are more megachurches in California than in any other state.

What would happen if these Christians united under one common goal, to get outside of the four walls of church and let the light of God’s love and truth change the culture around them? What would happen if they believed God really is on our side, like the Bible says, and our vote could really make a difference? What would happen if Christians ran for office and dominated the legislative branch? We would see a whole new California!

In the recent November election, of California’s 8 million evangelical Christians, less than 25 percent voted.

In that election, California had 21,940,274 registered voters but only 11,146,610 voted, and of those 41.47 percent were not even registered. Proposition 1, a measure allowing abortion up to nine-months and codifying abortion protections, passed by 3,623,322 votes, leaving over 10 million votes on the table of those who did not vote but could have. Further, California Gov. Gavin Newsom won reelection by a small margin of only 2,007,189 votes.

If more of California’s 8 million evangelical Christians voted California would be an entirely different state today.

Redeem California is not just a heralding call. It’s a strategic plan of action, to encourage Christians to not only vote, but to identify believers who can and will run for elected office in our cities, counties, and state, as well as for Congress.

Without Christian’s being elected to office, the state policies, mandates, laws, and agenda will never change. The power and favor of God will make it happen if we pray and get involved.

The book—REDEEM CALIFORNIA—is a call to action. It is an invitation to believe God for the impossible again and return to our most pure faith, that God is who He says He is, and He can do what seems impossible to us. Through practical and spiritual action, Christians reading the book can act now to be a part of God’s next move in the Golden State.

“God’s children believing God is who the Bible says He is and living out their faith is the answer to what needs to change in California,” Looper says. “We must see people through the lens of eternity and reach a dying world with the good news of the gospel. Darkness cannot abide when there is light. Getting outside of our own selfishness and being actively involved in our families, neighborhoods, communities, churches, schools, government, businesses, is the answer to the depravity, lawlessness and deception running amok in our state.

“My prayer is that through this book and ministry, the message of ‘all things are possible with God’ and the mission of redeeming California spreads,” she says. “Jesus is in the business of redemption. That is what the cross was all about—He has not changed his desire to save souls, nor has He vacated his throne. California is in need of saving and redemption. That is why I will stand on the firm foundation of the Bible: With God, nothing shall be impossible.”

What People Are Saying

Shannon Grove

California State Senator

“The book Redeem California: With God All Things are Possible is a call to action for evangelical Christians to bring back California to its biblical values. California was founded on faith, as seen in our state’s constitution which states: ‘We, the People of the State of California, grateful to Almighty God for our freedom.’ With a plan of action to identify Christian candidates to run for elected offices, Looper calls for Christians to reclaim our families, restore neighborhoods, fight for our cities and counties, stand in the gap for children, and push back against the radical indoctrination. With God on our side, victory is within sight, and with the number of evangelical Christians in our state, the power and favor of God will make it happen.”

Mike Netter

Vice Chair of Rebuild California

“This is a great spiritual guide that can help you weave through the many evils that California politics

tries to impose on us. I recommend you read this and hear what it says.”

Pastor Regan Sunderland

Tulare Bethel Church

“As scores of people are escaping the impending implosion of California and seeking solace in more conservative states, God is raising a remnant who will stay entrenched to fight to see God redeem California. This grassroots movement is comprised of those who choose courage over comfort and still believe that, with God’s divine help, California’s best days are still ahead of her. I believe that author, Kathy Looper, has captured the heart of God and written a must- read manifesto, Redeem California, for those still filled with an audacious hope to see the golden state rise from the ashes of years of political, spiritual, and corporate neglect. This book is a timely revelation in this crucial hour as it exhorts its readers to rise to the occasion and partner with God because “with God, all things are possible” (Matthew 19:26).”

Pastor Jeremy Cain

Pentecostal Lighthouse, Visalia, CA

“Every so often, humanity approaches a threshold where if a change is not made, a different door is not chosen, the consequence will affect generations to come. Throughout history there have been special people raised up to point the way in a new direction; people that open a door for others to walk through. Great people ignited by passion and vision, like Kathy Looper, who are needed at this moment in time. The pendulum of government has swung to its apex on the left. The outcomes of these outlier positions have brought this once glorious State of California to its knees. As great people and long-established businesses flee our once Golden State, we are not without hope. The inspired solutions presented in this new book Redeem California are not new, in fact they are age old. California will be redeemed if we will believe God to do the impossible.”

Dr. Ché Ahn

Senior Pastor, Harvest Rock Church, Pasadena, CA

“In this book, I believe Kathy Looper has caught the vision of what God wants to do in this great state—and the momentum has already started. If you will embark on this journey of faith, I am convinced that we are going to see historic revival and reformation sweep across California, and ultimately all of America.

The best is yet to come!”

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