About Last Arrow Ministries

“You were born for a purpose, with a purpose.”

We recognize how limited a pastor’s time is on the local church level and understand that sometimes people need a little bit more in-depth teaching in some subjects that the local church isn’t always able to provide. We also realize that the local church is not always available for individual or relationship counseling as frequently as some may desire.

Our vision is to contribute in the developmental process of one’s spiritual, emotional and intellectual needs, through in-person or online counseling and in-person class instruction with human interaction. We endeavor to offer valuable curricula in scripture-based teaching.

What Is Offered


We offer in-person, video, and telephone counseling sessions led by our Counseling Pastor, Kelly Ventura.


Our classes are designed to teach Biblical principles through topical Bible and Book studies.

Prayer Ministry

Our prayer team is available for in-person, video and telephone prayer.

Contact Kathy

If you have any questions at all, please contact Kathy.