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Kathy Looper, Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, and author of Redeem California, joins Take Five

California Can Be Redeemed; God Has a Calling on the State

Could California be on the verge of a Christian revival?

FrontLine – Can California be Redeemed? (podcast)

1966-Redeem California

Listen to Kathy and John B. Wells on Caravan to Midnight.

Christians Can Change California’s Politics…

Christians in California and across America could quickly reverse the political and cultural tragedy that is unfolding IF they get active and involved…

Can California be Redeemed?

While many people believe California is beyond saving, an inspirational, life-changing and explosive new book by Kathy J. Looper—Redeem California: With God All Things are Possible—is releasing February 7, offering compelling evidence that not only is the Golden State not beyond God’s help, but California is poised for revival.

Redeeming California, One Step at a Time

Kathy Looper, a marriage and family therapist from the San Joaquin Valley, created a ministry called Redeem California, designed to promote social, political and spiritual renewal.

Is California on the Verge of Revival?

Reeling from another disappointing election cycle, Californians are under a new onslaught of ungodly laws like Proposition 1, which protects late-term abortion until the last day of the ninth month by inserting it into the California Constitution.


A new shelter for homeless teens is ready to open in Visalia, filling a desperate need in the state.

Tulare woman strangled, shot and left for dead

Dale Watson, 52, tried to strangle Dynasty Alexander before he shot and killed her, according to Tulare County detectives.

Genesis House Runaway & Homeless Youth Shelter

Overview of Genesis House Property

Volunteer of the Year

In 2018, Kathy was presented with “Volunteer of the Year” for California’s 26th District, by Assemblyman Devon Mathis for the work she did to build the runaway and homeless youth shelter.

Department Head Statements

Chief Jason Salazar

Visalia Police Department

“The Visalia Police Department is committed to the safety and well-being of all the youth in our community. Genesis House & Journey Youth Coalition provide valuable resources for at-risk youth in our communities and join stakeholders with similar missions to meet the needs of our most vulnerable youth at a time of great need. Our support of Genesis House is part of our ongoing commitment to ensuring that necessary resources are available to meet those needs and provide hope for our youth.”

Tim Ward

Tulare County District Attorney

“Genesis’s House fills a unique need by supporting the most vulnerable in our communities, our youth. It is the pleasure of the Office of the District Attorney to support a mission of care and compassion for those on the brink of losing hope, because we know Genesis’s House is there.”

Sheriff Mike Boudreaux

Tulare County Sheriff Department

“The Genesis House Runaway & Homeless Youth Shelter has a vision to halt the cycle of homelessness by offering various programs that will enable youth to move forward to a safer, healthier, and more productive lifestyle within the community. The Tulare County Sheriff’s Office shares this same vision with the Genesis House Runaway & Homeless Youth Shelter. We believe providing such services to young people should be developed and provided using a positive youth development approach that ensures a young person a sense of safety and structure.”

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