About Kathy

Get to know Kathy, and her story. She has lead several ministries, and has been an advocate for those who are in need. Learn about her ministries and how God called her to them to help the people in her community.

Ministries and Organizations

Learn more about the ministries and organizations that Kathy has lead and developed.

California Christian Counseling

California Christian Counseling offers evidence-based counseling combined with biblical principles, and the goal is to help clients fine their own identity, their worth, and their purpose.

Last Arrow Ministries

Last Arrow Ministries, Inc., was birthed from a deep desire to help everyday people by way of educating others in their understanding of who they are, why they were born, and what they have to offer the world around them. They offer resources, such as counseling, classes for understanding the Bible, and a prayer ministry. 

Redeem California

Redeem California was created from a culmination of years that has been invested in helping others. Our founder’s deep conviction for God prompted her to challenge other believers to take God at his word. We want believers to be in office, so that we can take back California. With her conviction, she knows that “With God, all things are possible!”

Book Release

The Counterintuitive and Controversial New Book REDEEM CALIFORNIA: WITH GOD ALL THINGS ARE POSSIBLE by Kathy J. Looper is Releasing February 7

While many people believe California is beyond saving, an inspirational, life-changing and explosive new book by Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist Kathy J. Looper—REDEEM CALIFORNIA: WITH GOD ALL THINGS ARE POSSIBLE (Post Hill Press)—is releasing February 7, presenting compelling evidence that not only is the Golden State not beyond God’s help, but California is poised for revival. The level of darkness hovering over California is no match for the light that exists within the hearts and lives of believers in the state. California’s evangelical population is larger than the population of 38 states, but less than 25 percent vote. What would happen if these believers became unified to change the culture, believed their voice made a difference because God was on their side, and voted and ran for office?

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